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Xbox 360 Slim Bundle

Xbox 360 Slim Bundle

An Xbox 360 slim bundle represents the best way to get value for money when you are looking to buy an Xbox 360 or upgrade from an older model of the box. Below I discuss the main Xbox slim bundles available in the market.

1. Kinect and Console Bundle:

This is the most popular of the bundles and will be released in Europe on the 10th of November. The Kinect and Console Bundle will be made available with the 4 and 250GB slim versions of the Xbox 360 console and will include the following:

  • Kinect – Xbox’s motion sensor controller
  • Kinect Adventures Game (rated “E” for everyone)
  • Black Xbox Wireless Controller
  • An Xbox Composite A/V cable.
  • A Headset

This is the best of the slim bundles available as you save £100.00 which is the extra cost you will have to pay if buying the Kinect and Console separately. The prices for the consoles as separately compared to the bundled version are shown below:

Xbox 4GB Slim Console – £149.99

Xbox 4GB Slim Console With Kinect – £249.99

Xbox 250GB Slim Console – £199.99

Xbox 250GB Slim Console With Kinect – £300.

2. Xbox 360 Slim Bundle With Halo Reach: is the next available option and was released in September 2010 but only with the Xbox 360 Slim 250GB console. This bundle is a limited edition and features custom sound effects from the Halo universe. With a recommended retail price of £249.99, the bundle contains the following:

  • Built-in n standard Wi-Fi.
  • A copy of the Halo: Reach game ( a prequel to the bestselling Halo game).
  • One month gold membership to Live Xbox
  • Black headset
  • Necessary cords and cables

Lastly if you already own an Xbox 360 console you might want to consider the Kinect with Kinect Adventure games option which will be release in November and cost £100.

Buying an Xbox slim bundle no doubt represents better value for money. However whether you buy one or not depends on if you have an Xbox console or not.

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