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Xbox 360 Elite 250GB vs PS3 Slim 250GB

Xbox 360 Elite 250GB vs PS3 Slim 250GB

Much has changed since Sony introduced the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft the Xbox 360. Game libraries have expanded, prices have fallen, and even system configuration options have widened considerably. Gamers can now find entry into the console world for as little as £80, and if they want top shelf, they have two options reasonably priced at around £250.

In one corner, we have the premium Xbox 360 console, the Elite 250GB, and in the other, we have the select PS3 console, the Slim 250GB. Now that Sony has brought the PS3 price in line with the Xbox, this is no longer a factor. So what about the unit design? Both companies have updated the style using a black matte finish, but the PS3 console has a modern flare. The Xbox 360 console, on the other hand, looks outdated and still boasts that massive power brick.

Most gamers care more about features and game availability than they do design. Notable features on the PS3 console include Blu-Ray playback, Wi-Fi, and even Bluetooth. Unfortunately, all three of these features continue to be notable omissions from the Xbox 360 console. However, the Xbox 360 console does manage to distinguish itself with unparalleled online gaming services. Hardcore gamers want Bluetooth, Blu-Ray, and Wi-Fi, but they are likely to forgo them to achieve the ultimate online gaming experience.

The Xbox 360 console also manages to stand apart due to the sheer size of its game library, and it continues to be fully compatible with games designed for older Xbox consoles. The PS3 no longer has backward compatibility capabilities. Another point in favor of the Xbox 360 console is that it has a much better selection of downloadable game content, but the PS3 console counters that by boasting better exclusive downloadable content. In addition, Sony has started to catch up in the exclusive game department, so that is no longer a clear win for the Xbox, as it has been for so long.

In terms of graphics and performance, it remains a matter of potential versus actuality. There is no doubt that the PS3 console can achieve quality, such as in Uncharted, which the Xbox simply cannot match due to Sony’s cell processing technology. The downside here is that only Sony exclusives takes advantage of it, and most third-party games look superior on the Xbox. So where does this all leave us? We think that the Xbox is still the right choice for the hardcore gamer if they must pick between the two, and the PS3 is better for the person who sees it as a piece of their greater entertainment center.

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