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Seven New Features In FIFA 11

Seven New Features In FIFA 11

FIFA 11 is the 19th edition of EA’s football series of video games and was first released in North America on the 28 September 2010. This edition of the game features a number of exciting enhancements to any lover of is prequel – FIFA 10 and is available on all major consoles.

FIFA 11 video game prices varies depending on the type of console but generally are between £24 and £40.

Below I outline the host of improvements in FIFA 11:

1. A new Personality+ system that allows gamers to imitate a player’s character as though they were in real life. You can now behave like your favourite football player while playing the game.

2. A beefed up goalkeepers intelligence that adds an extra dimension to the game. Goalkeepers now have a better perception and can pull off some remarkable saves.

3. Introduction of a Handball feature with the ability to define what actions should occur. This feature comes with an option to disable it.

4. A Pro passing features that allows you to determine the accuracy of your pass. Also beefed up in this edition of the game are the type of passes you can perform. Some of these new moves are: applying backspins to ball, flicking the ball etc.

5. A neat addition to FIFA 11 is the ability to upload your own recorded audio for use in the game. For example you can define which music to play as teams file out.

6. In FIFA 11 the previously player and manager mode has now been merged into one feature called the “Career Mode”. With this feature gamers can choose to be a player, player-manager or manager.

7. In addition to playing the 11 aside games, EA has now introduced 5 aside street games.


While this host of improvements are great for the game however there are some drawbacks. For example

the introduction of a Pro passing feature with different types of passes will require gamers to be more skillful.

This however can be discouraging for some gamers.

Nevertheless FIFA 11 is a nice game to add to your favourite collection of football video games.

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