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Kinect Games 2011

Kinect Games 2011

Last year witnessed the release of Microsoft motion sensing controller – the Kinect. However while the controller was a hit selling million of units there were not many Kinect game titles to choose. Looking the down the list of Kinect games set to be released in 2011 it does not appears that much has changed. We highlight the games that catch our attention for now.

UFC Trainer: is a fighting and fitness game developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ. The video game is a sequel to the UFC disputed series and features fighters and trainers from the UFC league. UFC is scheduled for release on the 1st of April 2011 across the following platforms: Xbox, PS3 and Wii. You will be able to play UFC Trainer using your Kinect control.

Kinect Stars Wars: is an action video game that is due to be released in the fourth quarter of 2011. As the title suggests, the game will be featuring your favourite characters from the Star Wars. The game is an exclusive Xbox 360 title developed by LucasArts and Microsoft.

Grand Slam Tennis II: This video game was originally released for the Wii platform but has been postponed for a quite a while on the Xbox 360 platform. Details about the video game is a bit sketchy. However a HD version of the game is scheduled to be released sometimes this year.

Forza Motorsport 4: is an exclusive Xbox 360 title that will be compatible with the Kinect sensor as well as the standard Xbox 360 controller. This racing video game is a sequel to an earlier series and include some new features designed around the Kinect. The video game is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2011.

Virtua Tennis 4: was initially intended to be a PS3 exclusive title but will now be available on the Xbox 360. The game itself will support 3D play and takes advantage of the Kinect sensor to produce fantastic gameplay for all tennis lovers. The game is developed by SEGA_AM3 and published by SEGA. Virtua Tennis 4 will be released in the spring of 2011.

Some of the other games scheduled for release are: Brunswick Pro Bowling, Child of Eden, Codename D (working title), Dance Central 2, Haunt, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, You Don’t Know Jack .

It appears that there are not many hardcore game titles schedule for release on the Kinect. However Microsoft has stated that some hardcore Kinect games will be available in 2011 but has not revealed any details nor release dates. I like others eagerly await to see what Microsoft has further got in stock for the Kinect.

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