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How to Get Kinect Cheap

How to Get Kinect Cheap

The release of Kinect has been a hit and there is no contesting the fact that it has ushered in a new world of gaming experience for all Xbox 360 gamers. With retailers engaged in a price war how can you get the kinect cheap? In this review I outline some of the ways to get the best available deals on the Kinect.

One of the ways to save money on the Kinect is to take advantage of special voucher code offers used by some retailers to get people in to buy from their store. These voucher codes offer you a certain percentage back on your purchases however codes must be used within a time frame set by the retailer. These voucher codes are also limited but what looking out for.

Another way to get Kinect cheap is by being a member of a cashback website. Cashback websites are reward sites that offer you money back for buying products via them instead of going straight to the company. The amount of money you get back varies but generally depends on the amount you spend and the deals that are in place.

You can also make some savings when you buy a Kinect Bundle. A Kinect bundle comprises a new Xbox 360 slim console (4GB or 250GB), the Kinect and a free game (Kinect Adventure). The Xbox 360 4GB slim console is priced at £149 while the 250GB slim console goes for about £199. However you can get these consoles bundled with the Kinect for £249 and £300 pounds respectively.

The Kinect cost is quite expensive when you consider the fact that it’s almost the price of the 4gb slim console. However many are willing to trade this cost for the opportunity to enter this new world of gaming experience.

Compare Kinect bundle prices.

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