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Call of Duty Black OPS review

Call of Duty Black OPS review

Call of Duty Black OPS is a first shooter video game available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. Published by Activision, the game is an advancement on the Call of Duty: World at War video game.

Call of Duty Black OPS centers around the Cold War era of the 1960’s and features Kennedy’s assassination among the other American obsessions like Cuba and Vietnam. For most part of this game you will be playing the role of Alex Mason a Studies and Observations Group (SOG) operator who is tortured and force to revisit his past military operations.

One of the major advancements in this installment of the Call of Duty series is in the Killstreak Rewards – rewards that players earn for making kills in a row without dying. These rewards are now stackable like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, however Killstreak rewards earn on one level will not count towards the number of kills for the next reward.

This game also introduces a new feature called CoD points. CoD point is the in-game currency used in purchasing what you want as you play the game. You can earn CoD points by

1. Gameplay (gaining experience as you play the game).

2. Contracts (these are challenges you need to overcome).

3. Wager Matches (matches in which only the top three players get rewarded).

Call of Duty Black OPS is highly customisable and can be played in three main modes: Single Player,
Zombie and Multiplayer. Also there are a number of requirements gamers need to meet to earn an achievement or trophy. For example destroying all slingshot targets in 3 attempts will earn you 15 points on the Xbox 360 and a bronze trophy on PS3.

Though gameplay is great, maps are too small and controls were a bit of hit-and-miss. Also some gamers might find the game too fast and furious for their liking. Nevertheless the game is highly addictive and if you have got Xbox live, this game is destined to top the live leader board for a long time.

Call of Duty Black OPS prices.

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