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PS3 Slim 320GB – So What’s Special?

PS3 Slim 320GB – So What’s Special?

The PS3 slim 320GB console is the one of the latest releases of the PS3 slim model (the other being PS3 Slim 160GB). This new model of the console will be replacing the PS3 250GB which will soon be phased out and has a further option of a move bundle.

So what’s new? The first main difference is an increase in the hard drive space so that you can download more games and movies as well as the finishing of the box which is now a textured surface.

The other improvements are:

1. New User Friendly Features: With updates to the PS3 system software, the following user-friendly features have been introduced:

  • Information board replaced with a What’s new section – which displays the latest PS3 news as well as the last games you have played
  • Status indicator which is basically an indicator bar that does a number of things like how many friends you currently have online and the number of new messages from friends.
  • Shortcuts under the Game and Video categories for easy access to the PlayStation Store.
  • Personalization of your PS3 console with themes and avatars.

2. Bravia Sync Feature: The PS3 console is now equipped with a Bravia Sync Feature that allows the console to communicate with a Bravia TV through a HDMI input connection. The following activities can be performed:

  • Automatically turn off the console when you turn off the TV
  • Turn on the console by One-Touch-Play.
  • Turn on and select the HDMI input connection for you.

3. Vertical Stand: The PS3 console can now be used vertically anywhere at home. However you will need to buy the stand which is sold separately.

4. Reduced Power Consumption: The power consumption mechanism for the PS3 320GB has been redesigned cutting power consumption to two-thirds of the original box. This redesign has also helped to reduced the fan noise.

In addition to retaining popular features like Blu-Ray, the PS3 slim 320GB the costs just the same as the PS3 250GB model and is vastly improved thanks to the internal redesign of the box. However there is still no support for PS2 games in this release.

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