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How to Connect a PS3 Console to the PlayStation Network

How to Connect a PS3 Console to the PlayStation Network

If you have a PlayStation 3 Console and an Internet connection, you can easily connect to the PlayStation 3 Network by using the easy steps below.

First, make sure that you have a working Internet connection. You will need a high-speed broadband Internet connection in order to properly utilize the capabilities of the PlayStation Network.

Second, ensure that you have a way to connect your PS3 Console to the internet. You will need either a working router or an Ethernet cable.

Third, turn on your PlayStation 3 Console and go to Settings. Choose “Network Settings” and select the “Internet Connection” option. Hit the “yes” option when the pop up menu asks if you would like to connect to the Internet.

Fourth, follow the prompts to set up your Internet connection. The options will vary according to which type of Internet connection you have.

Fifth, once you have connected your PS3 Console to the Internet, you are ready to connect to the PlayStation 3 Network. Go to the PlayStation Network website and sign up for an account. Make note of your username and password.

Sixth, go to the PlayStation Network option on your PlayStation 3 Console. Choose “Sign In” and use the same user name and password that you signed up with on the website.

You should now be logged into the PlayStation 3 Network! You can play online multi-player games on your PS3 Console, browse the store and instant message friends and family. Enjoy!

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