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Are Video Games Dangerous?

Are Video Games Dangerous?

This is the million dollar question constantly being asked by all concerned individuals especially parents with kids. Are video games dangerous? Is it possible to get addicted to playing video games? If yes, what are some of the signs that indicate that one is addicted?

Let’s start off by saying that video games are designed to be addictive in the first place. By this I mean video game designers are constantly coming up with new innovations including storylines to make their video games stand out. After all if they are not interesting in the first place who will buy them talk less of play them. There are various strategies video game designers use to keep us engrossed with playing. Some of the clever features include breaking a game into levels of difficulties (starting off with the very simple to the complex), trying to beat the highest score or even beat the computer game. All these features can leave you playing for hours.

While video game addiction is not widely accepted as a problem in many circles (due to a lack of sufficient medical research), evidences yet abound to proof that it is a problem. In 2005 a Korean man dropped dead after playing an online computer game for 50 hours. A circuit Judge in 2009 vacated his seat after it was discovered that he crashed his car because of a night of video games with a former defendant. A youth was involved in murder after hours of playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto.

The most common sign of addiction is a strong compulsion to play for long hours while isolating family members and friends in the process. This can lead to things like not having enough sleep, missing or not eating healthy meals, feeling agitated when unable to play and a break-down in relationships. With kids it can be playing games rather than doing their homework.

But videogames can help kids improve hands-eyes coordination, learn problem solving and analytical skills. Playing video games like Dance Central, Wii Fit can keep us healthy. Video games can also be a means of relaxation encouraging and building interaction between family members

So where does this leave us? We strongly feel that video games are not dangerous but the overuse of it is what leads to addiction. Just like alcohol or any other thing in life there is a need to exercise self control. Parents need to keep an eye on their kids especially the type of video games they play. Gamers need to understand that they need to take regular breaks and not stay glued to their gameplay. Also remembering to take regular break at least 5mins for every 45 – 60 mins of gameplay can help reduce impact of game addiction.

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