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Losing Weight With Wii Fit – Does it really work?

Losing Weight With Wii Fit – Does it really work?

For many years, researchers claimed video games were a cause of obesity. While there were realistic reasons for these concerns, products like the Wii Fit make the promise of exciting game play and the ability to lose weight. But does it really work? How does a Wii workout stack up to more traditional types of exercise?

Losing Weight With Wii Fit

When the Wii fit was first announced many were excited to find out how to lose weight playing a video game. With lots of different games to choose from to keep you moving and motivated, the Wii fit does have the ability to give you a good cardio workout which can lead to losing weight. However, the weight loss results you see may only be short term if you do not make constant efforts to challenge your body. Just like running, weight lifting, or other traditional forms of exercise, our body eventually gets used to the efforts and it will take something more to keep us “in the zone” – the metabolic state that leads to losing weight.

Fortunately, the Wii Fit has a few nice features that make it easy to push yourself and lose weight. Each game has obvious plateaus and levels of fitness which have to be reached just as you would using traditional controls in a normal video game. This provides excellent stimulus for keeping you motivates and pushing yourself past comfortable boundaries.

However, you will eventually reach a point where the hardest level of the game no longer helps you in losing weight. When you reach this level, knowing how to lose weight and create new challenges is crucial. Some games such as Wii Fit Running allow you to create a custom length level with high difficultly level. This lets you keep pushing yourself past the natural end of the game. The Wii Remote can also generate voice announcements of your progress, meaning you can put on a movie, or listen to music while still working out.

As much as Wii Fit can help you lose weight, to see real results, you’ll have to control other aspects of your life as well. Knowing how to lose weight by having a healthy diet works hand in hand with getting vigorous daily exercise.  Nevertheless losing weight with Wii Fit is definitely a good starting point for anyone intending to journey into the world of fitness, just make sure to keep it challenging and you can see weight loss results. Visit for Wii Fit store prices.

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