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Xbox One Features

Xbox One Features

Following its release in November 2013, the Xbox One has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy your favorite games. This newest addition to the Microsoft gaming lineup, boasts a huge variety of new features that we hope to briefly examine in this review of the Xbox One features.

Kinect 2

Some of the most unique Xbox One features come in the form of the Kinect 2, bundled with the Xbox One at purchase. The new Kinect features updated facial and vocal recognition software, that is capable of recognising who is holding the controller when multiple players use the console. It will also update high scores and other information appropriate to whoever is using it at the time(even if you pass the controller off mid-game). The Kinect 2 can recognize up to six different users, and can even register facial expressions and heart rate to determine the users’ emotions.

Online Community Updates

Additionally, the Xbox One features a lot of updates to the online gaming community to make multiplayer gaming an easier and more comprehensive experience.

Party Scout Feature:
The new Party Scout feature allows you to search for other players based on their age, language, skill level, or even what downloadable content they have. While your Xbox searches available players to match you up with the perfect opponent, it leaves you free to do other things like watch TV or search the web.

Troll-Blocking Feature
The new multiplayer system also includes a troll-blocking feature; users who are consistently obnoxious can only be matched up with one another.

Just like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One features gamertags, and you can keep your gamertag, achievements and friends list from your old console if you upgrade to the Xbox One.

Other Online Updates
The Xbox One allows you to sign into any console and access your digital games, and even features streaming play, so you can start playing your favorite games right away without waiting for a lengthy download. The Xbox One dashboard shows achievement progress, so you can track how close you are to your goals, and also see how close your friends are.


Audio Features

The new Kinect included with the Xbox One features updated audio technology, and is excellent at picking up your voice commands, even with background noise. No need to shout, the Kinect can hear you just fine over the sound of the game, your friends, and any other ambient noise that may interfere. The console also comes packaged with a convenient headset. The Xbox One itself runs much more quietly than previous generations, and the hardware can hardly be heard, even in a quiet room.

Other Xbox One Features

In addition to all these great features, the Xbox One launched with 20 exclusive titles, for a complete gaming experience that kicks off the new generation in style.

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