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Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games 2012

Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games 2012

A few days ago, Nintendo announced a number of upcoming Nintendo 3DS games for its handheld system. Some of these games you will be able to buy at your favourite stores, however others are are only available as downloadables via the Nintendo eshop.

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS games 2012 are listed as follows:

Paper Mario: Sticker Star: This title will be making its first appereance on the 3DS system and has been redesigned retaining the trademark humor of the series. Your gameplay is centred around collecting stickers and solving puzzles to move up the levels. The title is scheduled for release in North America on November 11, Japan on December 6, Europe on December 7, and Australia on December 8, 2012.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: This game is the fifth installement in the series and takes you back to the early days of Professor Layton. The game is highly recommended for anyone who has never played any of the series and features 365 puzzles all downloadable free of charge from the eshop. Game is already available.

Crosswords Plus: The game contains more than 1000 professional designed Puzzles. The game also features some new play modes like Wordsearch and Anagrams with a new Word of the Day.

Arts Acadamy: Lessons For Everyone : Arts Academy is recommended for anyone interested in arts or anyone that wants to get better at drawing. With this drawing application you can create your own lessons and even share with your friends. 10 new lessons will be released in the coming months.

Club Nintendo members are eligible for a reward (Donkey Kong original edition) when you download any of the above games from the eshop. To qualify, Club Nintendo member will need to link their accounts to the Nintendo eshop before purchaseand offer ends by 01/06/2013.

StyleSavvy (Trendsetters) : StyleSavvy is a different game for a different set of audience.  The player takes on the role of an up and coming fashion mogul running a boutique. You need to choose your own stock and help your customers find satisfaction. Two demos of the games are available.

Crashmo: The game is a sequel to Pushmo and making its first appearance on the 3DS console. The goal in this game centres in your ability to use gravity to push, pull and slide blocks in different directions. Included are new switch movements to move blocks in the direction you want to go. Games contains plenty of puzzles to test you. Available from Novermber 22nd

Fluidity Spin Cycle: The title is a Nintendo eshop exclusive. The game uses the console as part of your gameplay to manipulate a puddle of wate name eddy through a maze like magical world. You will need to master the various state of water to solve gravity defined puzzle and defeat monsters. The game is availabe from December 27 2012.

Liberation Maiden: The game is from the developer, Level-5. Japan has been annexed by a country called the Dominion (whose technological influence has polluted the country). In order to purify the land players must take on the role of Shoko Ozora, piloting a humanoid robot called Kamui. The title is downloadable from the eshop and was released in October.

Aero Porter: This is another title from Level-5. The player is tasked with running an airport. You must manage baggages and ensure that planes leave on time. Your good management style is rewarded with an increase in your airport’s rating. The game will be avialable in Europe in November 2012.

CrimsonShroud: The game has been developed by Level – 5 and sets the scene to a 1000 years in the past in a world without magic and carries on to describe how magic became a common thing in its world. The game will be released in Europe in December 2012.

Ikachan: The game is a sea adventures title making its first appearance on the 3DS. Player plays a squid named Ikachan, who swims through a cave, helping other creatures along the way.

Fire Emblem Awakening: The story centres on the prince of the Kingdom of Iris and his companions and their struggles during a turbulent era. The game has a player character that can be customised and players can choose between a Classic or Causaul mode.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: In this title you play the role of the mayor of a town and need to make a lot of critical decision as you build your town. Customisable outfits are provided and included are some new features.

These are some of the upcoming 3ds games 2012 on the 3ds console. It certainly looks promising for any owner of this portable handheld system.

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