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Top Ten PS3 Games of 2012

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2012

2012 was a great time for PS3 fans, with a number of big-budget releases mixed with a number of downloadable titles from the PlayStation store. In this review I look at some of the games that have made the headlines in what I consider as the top ten PS3 games of 2012. 
Mass Effect 3: This game is the final installment in the epic Mass Effect trilogy. Shepard must unite the galaxy against the Reapers as they rampage across the home planets of every species in the Council – including Earth.  Mass Effect 3 is as good a conclusion to the series as anyone could have hoped for.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Black Ops II is a continuation of Blacks Ops 1 with big improvements. The game features amazing set pieces, difficult choices and a widely branching narrative that demands multiple playthroughs. The multiplayer gameplay is refined this time around too, with the most robust Create-A-Class the series has yet seen.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Finally the series breaks away from Ezio and Desmond drops into the footsteps of Conner, a new assassin this time living during the American Revolution. Visit Boston and New York when they are little more than villages and roam the wild Frontier killing Templars. The redesigns makes the game more engaging.
Borderlands 2: The breakout success of 2009 finally gets a sequel. It is bigger, better, louder, and funnier, but retains the gun-hunting loot frenzy that is the major impetus for progression. The five character classes are arguably all more distinct this time around, changing up the gameplay.

Journey: Journey is a downloadable title from the Playstation Store. The game offers a much shorter experience than a normal retail game, but the experience however is powerful and difficult to convey properly without playing it. A lonesome pilgrimage to a distant mountain across amazing vistas and through terrifying caverns might be joined by another human player on the same journey. Never knowing their name and with no way to communicate other than how you each move, you nonetheless tend to grow closer to your silent companions in Journey than in most other cooperative games, securing its spot as one of the top ten PS3 games 2012.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The game is a re-imagining of the cult classic from the ‘90s. Faced with fighting back an alien invasion, players must also satisfy each of the 16 countries funding the project or risk them pulling out – along with their much-needed cash. You need to be tactically astute to play this game as you never have the money or time to buy and research what you need to outfit your soldiers properly and once in the field, a soldier that dies due to your tactical negligence is dead for good.
The Walking Dead: This is another downloadable title that makes it into the top ten PS3 games of 2012. It plays somewhat like an interactive television show with most of your gameplay centering on choosing what the main character, Lee, should say or do in any particular situation. Over the course of the 5 episodes, you will find yourself becoming attached to Clementine (a little girl Lee took under his wing earlier on)  as they fight off invasion from zombie hordes.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Of the two major racing games that came out this year, Need for Speed is the more arcade-inspired option, with Forza opting for a more realistic simulation angle. Both games are solid, but Need for Speed personally offers a bit more adventure.
Spec Ops: The Line: Spec Ops is uniquely a single-player focused FPS unlike most games in this genre which are multiplayer based. It boasts a gripping narrative with plenty of twists that highlights the horrors of war better than any other video game in recent history. Unfortunately, the game sold relatively poorly despite its quality – but that means you can pick it up now for a heavy discount.
Darksiders II: The sequel to the surprisingly fun first game, described often as a “mature Zelda,” Darksiders II is bigger and better and almost every way. The Zelda comparison remains most apt, in that the player will venture across beautiful landscapes and alternately fight and puzzle their way through satisfying dungeons. The best new addition is a Diabloesque loot system for upgrading weapons. 

These are my top ten PS3 games of 2012. What has been your top ten PS3 games for the year? Feel free to comment or send us an email.
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