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The Worst Games of the Year – 2011

The Worst Games of the Year – 2011

 When there is a list of good games, there should also be a list of the most terrible games out there. In this summary we will inform you on the worst games of the year so that you won’t needlessly spend your money on games that aren’t worth it.

 To just give you an impression and first thought on which games we have picked for this we could tell you that all of these games are either movie-games and WII body shape games.

 X-men Destiny for the DS

 This game have a lot of different flaws which cannot be overlooked making it top on our list of worst games of the year 2011. One of the most annoying thing about this game is that while trying to attack an enemy, you will halt to a full stop. This does not only make it difficult for you to play this game, but also comes across as if the programmers were simply lazy to make this game successful. When comparing it to games that have been created a century ago, we can see that they even DO have the ability to walk and attack at the same time.

 Another movie-game called Cowboys & Aliens: Silver City Defence makes it to our second worst game of the year
 Unlike most movie games, this game has absolutely nothing to do with the movie that has recently been showing in the theatres. In this game you play as Zeke (Yeah, I have no clue either) and you try to fend off and protect Silver City from getting swarmed with aliens. There is also a short dialogue between each of the missions to make things interesting but they are so crappy and useless that I struggle to feel it needs it. This is one of the worst games I’ve played on my iPhone, period!

Third on our list of worst games of the year is Thor: God of Thunder

 I recon most of us have seen the movie Thor and liked it quite a bit. Well, the game isn’t as enjoyable as the movie and makes you feel like crying, rather than saving Asgard from obliteration. This game is a brawler and sends the players across the worlds of World Tree where you have to stop enemy forces. This game literally makes you feel like you don’t give a fudge about Asgard and just makes you not want to know anything about it. So be advised, don’t buy this game unless you wish to hurt someone’s feelings.

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