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The Best Wii Games

The Best Wii Games

Although the Wii has had its moment of glory in the gamer society, it seems that it’s struggling to pull through and make a permanent name for itself. Therefore we are going to also make a list on the best Wii games to be found out there, so that, whenever you are looking for a great Wii game, you’ll know what to get.

Best Wii Games List

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

When you enjoy the epic characters of Nintendo and have always been looking to beat the S”£%$&*T out of them for no reason whatsoever, then Super Smash is a game that you’ll love. Starring Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Link and many others, they are on a quest to beat each other’s brains out, which makes playing this game all the more fun for us! Super Smash has a couple of great epic levels and it will most certainly test your button bashing abilities as enemies keep coming at you. The reason for the massive success of this game is that you are also able to play it multiplayer. It’s an amazing feeling to be in a room with 4 people swinging and slapping around each other while people fly off the screen all the time.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Since the coming of the Wii, Metroid Prime has seemed to have made its name in there permanently. The main goal of Metroid Prime is to fight as a bounty hunter, flying across the galaxy in search for aliens, radioactive brains and more nonsense that comes on your path. Metroid Prime has published three games and with the latest “Metroid Prime 3” which has been upgraded with widescreen options, make you want to get up and swing your ass around all day.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Wii was definitely a platform which was meant for Mario and not just one game, but of 15 different kinds of Mario have been released since the Wii first came out. One of the highest rated Mario games, not only us, but also millions of players out there is Super Mario Galaxy 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a reinvention of the original game and has done so with great finesse. The reason for this massive success is because Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a combination of great design, animation, creation and so much more!

Aside from the great looks that everyone can see, the game is accessible for anyone. Even though it looks rather simple and straight forward, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still packed with mini-games for which you will need to use your head. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a game that you ABSOLUTELY need to have.

Allright, that’s a wrap for all our best Wii games. Want to see more game reviews? Feel free to comment or email us about any other games you wish to be reviewed.

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