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The Best PC Games of 2011

The Best PC Games of 2011

Same as we had done for the PS3 and Xbox some time ago, we’d like to offer you a small list of the best PC games that were released last year 2011.


Dragon Age II

This video game is top on the list of our best PC games of 2011. Dragon Age II was brought out earlier this year and is definitely one of my favourite RPG games of this year! Dragon Age II continues the story of Dragon Age I where you flee your country as Hawke. You flee to the country where your Uncle lives and are able to create the character as you wish (only Human though). The world will soon be overthrown by the Blight and you have to find your way in to becoming the true hero of a city indifferent to all kinds of species and warriors. Bioware’s efforts are truly appreciated and I have entertained myself playing this game for over 40 hours.

All though the game was rather short (in my opinion) I found a lot of reasons to keep playing and finishing the side quests that I hadn’t completed yet. This game really provides me with the RPG lust I was looking for and will keep doing so until a better one comes out.

2. We’ve spoken about it before and here is is again:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It’s impossible to leave this game out of our Best games of the year picture. The world of Skyrim is impossibly big and is definitely THE BEST RPG of 2011. There are tons of foul creatures to be slain and quests to be completed (not to mention the side Quests) and you as the main character can use all kinds of skills and crafting abilities to make the world of Skyrim your own. The possibilities are endless, whether you chose archery and might, or the path of the magician to do what you need to do, you will be rewarded.


Little Big Planet 2

You’re probably going to ask why this title is in the best of this year. Well, that’s because I feel that the best games out there are the ones you can play together and are funny at the same time. That’s why Little Big Planet 2 is in the list of the best of the Year!

Little Big Planet stars Sackboy in the world of creation where you (and perhaps your 3 buddies next to you) try to stop Negativitron in taking over by collecting coins, pictures, and all kind of other things to release the land from Negativitron’s grasp. Along the way you’ll meet all kinds of strangers willing to help on your quest, but the mini-games, different weaponry, customisable levels, online sharing and multiplayer up to 4 players make me want to play this game all the time.

These has been our best PC games for the year 2011.

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