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PS3 Vita vs 3DS – Which Should You Buy?

PS3 Vita vs 3DS – Which Should You Buy?

In one corner we have the 3DS, the latest line of Nintendo handheld gaming system characterised by dual screens and displaying 3D images glasses free. In the other corner is the PS3 Vita, a 5-inch OLED screen with processing power similar to the PS3 Console. Which should you buy? This review compares the PS3 Vita vs 3DS by looking at the key features of both systems.


Game Selection

Generally the PlayStation handheld console has a smaller games library compared to the Nintendo console. With the system supporting just a few downloadable PSP and PSOne Classics titles due to a newly designed card game format.

The Nintendo system on the other hand plays all titles from previous DS lines including those released on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance consoles.

In Japan the home of Nintendo, the system tops the sales chart for the number of games sold by a ratio of 3:1 compared to the PlayStation handheld console. With the top ten spots held by the Nintendo System. The recent launch of the 3DS XL coupled with drop in console prices have also helped to boost the sale of the system.

Both handheld systems fit nicely into your jacket pocket. However you may want to know that the Nintendo system is smaller with a dimension of 2.9 x 5.3 x 0.8 inches in comparison to the 3.3 by 7.2 by 0.7 of the Vita albeit weighs roughly an ounce heavier.

The Nintendo console wins the portability warfare simply because of its clampshell design which protects the screens from damage. The PlayStation console’s design is such that it requires you to buy a case.

SD Cards

When it comes to storing your data, the PlayStation system uses an expensive memory card called the PS Vita Memory card. This card is available in the following sizes: 4, 8, 16 and 32GB.

In comparison the DS has a 4GB drive that comes free with the system. The PlayStation system, wins this one because of the various sizes of SD cards available.


The Vita is a more powerful system than the 3DS. The PS system is powered by the same CPU used in iPhone4 with capacity for upgrade. In addition it has a RAM of 512MB compared to 128 MB of the Nintendo system.

Internet Connectivity

Both systems support Wi-Fi connection but the PlayStation system has a bit more to offer supporting 3G and Bluetooth connectivity. There is however a monthly fee charged depending on if you are going for a 250MB or 3GB data download.


The Vita controls are more intuitive to use and more comfortable than the Nintendo system. One problem you are likely to experience on the Nintendo system relates to the soreness you experience when playing for long hours. This is due to the fact that the console does not sit smartly in your palms. You also loose the 3D effect when you move your eyes from side to side.


The Vita has a better screen resolution than the 3DS despite the impressive glasses free 3D content displayed. This is because the handheld console has a much higher screen resolution of 960 X 544 pixel compared to the 320 X 240 pixels of the Nintendo system. Gamers will therefore experience a better gameplay on the PlayStation system.

Conclusion PS3 Vita vs 3DS

Everything so far points to the PlayStation handheld console being a better device than the Nintendo system. However when you are comparing the PS3 Vita vs. 3DS one of the main things to put into consideration is the type of games available.

At the moment the 3DS boasts a better line of titles than the Vita. In the futue this may change but for now the variety of titles available, coupled with the recent drop in prices tips it in favour of the Nintendo System.

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