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PlayStation Vita – So you want one?

PlayStation Vita – So you want one?

You might be wondering what’s Vita? Vita is Sony’s new handheld gaming device formerly known as NGP. It features on one hand Sony’s attempt to fix many of the flaws associated with the NGP while on the other hand introducing some exciting innovations to the world of mobile gaming consoles. These innovations in my opinion are set to rival the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console earlier released this year as well as mobile phone gaming applications like the Android.

The Vita is characterised by a 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a glossy and matte finish. It has a screen resolution of 960×544 pixels and size dimension of 182 x 84 x 19mm making it much bigger than but lighter and thinner than her predecessor.

Packaged along with the Vita are pre installed applications like the “Party” and “Near”. The Party application allows you to chat with family and friends while the “Near” application allows you to “spy” on what other Vita gamers have been up to in your vicinity. Also packaged are two cameras (one on the rear and the other at the front) as well as support for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. There is also the provision of a large port at the bottom of the console which can used to connect USB and networking cables.

Gamers will feel at home playing games on this handheld console thanks to two analogue sticks that look very similar to the controllers you find on home gaming consoles like the PS3. In addition to this gamers will be able to play games through a touch sensitive pad found at the back of the console. The hope is that game designers will take advantage of this new feature to develop new games. Players will be able to download classic PlayStation game titles from the PlayStation suite as well as other related stuff from the PlayStation Network.

One noticeable problem with the Vita is that with a screen resolution twice the size of the NGP there is likely to be an issue with battery life span. All gamers will agree that having a console with great graphical resolution and a long battery life span is very important. PlayStation at the moment is quiet on this. Portability is likely to be another issue as it is not one of those handheld gaming console that you can simply slot in your pocket.

Yet Vita is set to rule the world of mobile gaming consoles. With the introduction of a 5 inch touch screen, flash memory slot, WI-FI, GPS, 3G, camera and many more you cannot but want one. PlayStation Vita will be released in December.

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