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PlayStation Phone – Xperia Play

PlayStation Phone – Xperia Play

You will now be able to play PlayStation portable games titles on your phone thanks to Sony launching it new PlayStation phone gadget called ‘Xperia Play’. The handset being developed by Sonic Ericsson will be combining smartphone functionality that every phone users will need with mobile gaming experience that all gamers will love.

The phone is being developed on the latest version of Google’s Android platform (Android 2.3 Ginerbread operating system) and has a RAM of 512MB, an Adreno 205 graphics chip and a single-core processor that can runs between 122.88MHz and 1GHz. The phone also has a flipable four inch multi-touch screen with a 854 x 480 LCD display.

So what has the ‘Xperia Play’ got to offer PlayStation lovers? One of the main interesting features of the phone is the PlayStation style controller that will allow gamers to play games on the phone. The phone also come pre-loaded with a PlayStation Pocket app that will provide a way for users to discover and download PlayStation titles from the new PlayStation suite (the PlayStation Suite is a cross-platform system being developed by Sony to allow PSP games to be built into mobile phones by different manufacturers). You will also be able to see games you have recently downloaded and played using the app.

It has been recently announced that 50 game titles will be made available when the phone is launched in March. Some likely rumored title include: The Sims 3, Bruce Lee, Star Battalion, LittleBigPlanent, God of War and Tetris. Note that it appears you will not be able to play PSP games on this phone, the titles released on this device will be will be exclusive and compatible only with the ‘Xperia Play’. To play classic PlayStation titles you will need to download an emulator.

The phone will also contain a 5-megapixel camera, a full keyboard for sending messages and a battery life that can last 24 hours at full use. The phone also has the ability to record video as well as playback your recording at 720p. Some other available features are stereo loudspeakers and wi-fi connectivity for connecting to the Internet.

While this Ericsson Sony alliance is seen by many as a move by Ericsson to introduce a new dimension in the smartphone war market, I guess we would have to wait and see how it fairs against existing iPhones.

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