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COD MW3 Review

COD MW3 Review

Call of Duty has a name where most players feel that there is too much of. The reason that the COD series have been so successful is because there is no other game on the market that has a single player campaign that is this good. Neither does any other game have a multiplayer function that is so successful and entertaining that players feel the need to keep playing it over and over again. This time Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the number 1 hit online and offline and we will tell you all about it in this review.

Even though COD MW3 runs on a slightly older engine, it doesn’t set off any part of the gameplay and special effects. The game constantly has a frame rate of 60 and gives the game that silky smooth feeling to it. COD MW3 has a campaign with beautiful firefights and tents to constantly surprise you when walking through the different and humongous maps. When we talk about the single player mode, we do want to mention that the game does have its issues similar to the ones that we produced before. For example, enemies tend not to care as much for their own safety and randomly run out from cover to completely ignore your allies’ fire and run towards you to shoot only YOU in the face.

While Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a spectacular single player mode, most players tend to not care about it anymore after they had their first run through and make their way to the Multiplayer mode (and be honest, that’s the one COD is all about).

In the multiplayer mode everything has been laid out nice and right with one great exception. The Career overview, a nicely developed overview on you online history; it shows you your K/D ratio and the variety of maps you have been playing on and shows you exactly where you died the most so that you can work on your tactics. It also shows you the different weapon K/D ratio and the medals that you have earned so you will be on top of your game at any given moment.

The multiplayer itself is like always, AMAZING as it sucks you right in with the constant rewarding and levelling, through which you can obtain new weapons to kill even more efficiently. There are 16 levels on which you can fight and a whole lot of side achievements which will keep you playing for hours at a time.

There are also a lot of different online game modes where you either have to quickly take over a plane, or kill as many enemies as you can to then pick up their dog tags in order to gain points. For the lone wolves out there, there is of course a free for all mode that is included, but many tend to fight in a team as it is more exciting. Besides shooting each other, there is also a Survival mode in which, players have to survive as long as possible in a certain area while numerous of enemies keep charging at you. Not exactly an original game mode, however it works for nearly every game.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a lot of new content and with its slightly boring storyline, it is still a game that you should definitely not pass up for this year. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available on PS3, Xbox360, PC and even the WII

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