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PS4 Games vs Xbox One Games: What’s the Difference?

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Featured, News, PS4 Console, Xbox One, Xbox One Games | 0 comments

Sony and Microsoft have been creating extremely similar consoles since the days of the Playstation 2 and the original box — so much so that many titles created by third-party developers end up appearing on both platforms either simultaneously or within a few months of each other due to brief “exclusivity” deals. The current generation of consoles continues this trend with the PS4 and the Xbox One sharing many titles. Due to this, many ask, when it comes to PS4 games vs Xbox One games, what’s the difference? The main difference that’s mentioned in reviews and articles of multi-platform games in this console generation is that, many times, the PS4 is capable of running a title at 1080p while the Xbox One is forced to compromise by displaying at 900p in order to compete performance-wise. Sony’s console seems to...

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Best Xbox One Games

Posted by on Mar 1, 2014 in News, Xbox One Games | 0 comments

Since the Xbox One was announced on May 21, 2013, fans of the gaming system were clamoring to get their hands on it. Now that the highly anticipated gaming system has been released, these same fans are looking for hot games to play. There have certainly been some notable games released for the Xbox One, but not all of them can be considered the “best”. If only the best Xbox One games will work for you, make sure to buy one or more of the following:   Call of Duty: Ghosts One of the most popular and highest sought after games for the Xbox One is “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. Released on November 19th, 2013, this game has been described by critics as a huge step forward for this popular franchise. In this game, players have the choice of either a single...

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