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The Best Wii Games

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in News, Nintendo Wii, Wii games | 0 comments

Although the Wii has had its moment of glory in the gamer society, it seems that it’s struggling to pull through and make a permanent name for itself. Therefore we are going to also make a list on the best Wii games to be found out there, so that, whenever you are looking for a great Wii game, you’ll know what to get. Best Wii Games List Super Smash Bros. Brawl When you enjoy the epic characters of Nintendo and have always been looking to beat the S”£%$&*T out of them for no reason whatsoever, then Super Smash is a game that you’ll love. Starring Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Link and many others, they are on a quest to beat each other’s brains out, which makes playing this game all the more fun for us! Super Smash has a couple...

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COD MW3 Review

Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 in News, PS3 Games, Wii games, Xbox 360 Games | 0 comments

Call of Duty has a name where most players feel that there is too much of. The reason that the COD series have been so successful is because there is no other game on the market that has a single player campaign that is this good. Neither does any other game have a multiplayer function that is so successful and entertaining that players feel the need to keep playing it over and over again. This time Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the number 1 hit online and offline and we will tell you all about it in this review. Even though COD MW3 runs on a slightly older engine, it doesn’t set off any part of the gameplay and special effects. The game constantly has a frame rate of 60 and gives the game that silky smooth...

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Are Video Games Dangerous?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2011 in DS Games, PS3 Games, Wii games, Xbox 360 Games | 0 comments

This is the million dollar question constantly being asked by all concerned individuals especially parents with kids. Are video games dangerous? Is it possible to get addicted to playing video games? If yes, what are some of the signs that indicate that one is addicted? Let’s start off by saying that video games are designed to be addictive in the first place. By this I mean video game designers are constantly coming up with new innovations including storylines to make their video games stand out. After all if they are not interesting in the first place who will buy them talk less of play them. There are various strategies video game designers use to keep us engrossed with playing. Some of the clever features include breaking a game into levels of difficulties (starting off with the very simple to...

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Top Wii Games 2011

Posted by on Jan 17, 2011 in Nintendo Wii, Wii games | 0 comments

You might say 2010 was a bad year for the Wii. With PlayStation 3 releasing is Move control, closely followed by Xbox 360 releasing the Kinect (which has been a hit) the Wii appears to have lost one of the main features that made it stand out in the market place. Nevertheless 2010 witnessed the release of some outstanding title on the Wii. What Wii games are due for release in 2011? This review looks at 7 top Wii games to look forward to in 2011. Top Wii Games 2011 1. Mario Sports Mix: The game is developed by Square Enix and features Mario dressed up for the following Sports: basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and hockey. Mario Sports Mix can be played by 4 players locally or two players per console online and features the following key characters Mario, Black...

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Call of Duty Black OPS review

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in DS Games, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PS3, PS3 Games, Wii games, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Games | 0 comments

Call of Duty Black OPS is a first shooter video game available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. Published by Activision, the game is an advancement on the Call of Duty: World at War video game. Call of Duty Black OPS centers around the Cold War era of the 1960’s and features Kennedy’s assassination among the other American obsessions like Cuba and Vietnam. For most part of this game you will be playing the role of Alex Mason a Studies and Observations Group (SOG) operator who is tortured and force to revisit his past military operations. One of the major advancements in this installment of the Call of Duty series is in the Killstreak Rewards – rewards that players earn for making kills in a row without dying. These rewards are now stackable like in...

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Seven New Features In FIFA 11

Posted by on Nov 9, 2010 in DS Games, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PS3, PS3 Games, Wii games, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Games | 0 comments

FIFA 11 is the 19th edition of EA’s football series of video games and was first released in North America on the 28 September 2010. This edition of the game features a number of exciting enhancements to any lover of is prequel – FIFA 10 and is available on all major consoles. FIFA 11 video game prices varies depending on the type of console but generally are between £24 and £40. Below I outline the host of improvements in FIFA 11: 1. A new Personality+ system that allows gamers to imitate a player’s character as though they were in real life. You can now behave like your favourite football player while playing the game. 2. A beefed up goalkeepers intelligence that adds an extra dimension to the game. Goalkeepers now have a better perception and can pull off some...

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